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The adxv program can be downloaded from http://www.scripps.edu/tainer/arvai/adxv.html

What if the Image Window doesn't refresh correctly under NX?

This is a bug in NX and should be fixed in newer versions of the NX server.

Depending on the version of NX you have try adding one of the following options:

   AgentExtraOptions="-defer 0"

If this doesn't work try setting the Link Type to "LAN". This may be slower, but may also work.

Finally, try using "adxv -nopixmap"

Visualizing XDS data reduction

The latest beta versions of ADXV (from http://www.scripps.edu/~arvai/adxv/) can read spot files (whose name ends with .adx) and display them together with the frames.

These spot files can be written by generate_adx. In adxv's file selection window, it is useful to change the filename pattern from e.g. "*.cbf" to just "*" which then gives you the possibility to load frames and spot files at will.

If using ADXV on a NoMachine (NX) desktop, it is useful to know that one needs the -nopixmap commandline option if the frame is not correctly displayed (I found that the zoom window still does not display correctly).