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2cbf is part of the XDS distribution. It converts any image file format that is known to XDS to a miniCBF file. This program is also used by XDSGUI.

Single-line example (bash shell):

for i in ../images/*img ; do echo $i; echo $i `basename $i`.cbf | 2cbf ; done

This converts all .img files in ../images to miniCBF files with the extension .img.cbf in the current directory.

To have control over the number of digits encoding the frame number, one can use bash's printf command. Example:

for j in $(seq 1 120); do
  echo Data_02_$(printf "%04d" "$j").sfrm 

To convert frames stored in Dectris-format .h5 files, one should replace "master" with a 6-digit framenumber, and use the LIB= keyword:

echo collect_01_000001.h5 collect_1.cbf LIB=/usr/local/lib64/dectris-neggia.so | 2cbf