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With MyPCBackup you will benefit from the best of both worlds. Online Backup and award winning Synchronization Functionality. MyPCBackup offers scheduled and automatic backup's which will back up your files securely on the cloud, besides this you'll find it offers you a sync folder (1GB automatically) that will enable you to choose files that you would like to synchronize between several computers.
Certainly one of MyPCBackup's biggest selling points would be the promise of true unlimited backup. In addition to this MyPCBackup don't have any file size restrictions, with zero bandwidth throttling. With online backup starting at only $4.95/month, it really is obvious to see why this provider keeps growing at such an mind boggling rate.
When comparing this with other longstanding back up companies like Mozy and Carbonite who've canceled their unlimited plan, and in addition offer absolutely no syncing capabilities whatsoever, it would appear that MyPCBackup tend to be moving with the times much better than others.
With MyPCBackup it's simple to share files, photos, folders and a whole lot more with friends and family by inviting them to Private Folder share, a choice very few companies offer. In addition they incorporate a "sync" folder option, enabling the transfer of files from desktop to desktop, as well as to a mobile device, quick and easy. MyPCBackup are now working on plans to offer you public file sharing totally free to everyone, it's most likely to be available by Mid December 2011, therefore finishing the file sharing spectrum across all platforms.
MyPCBackup also provides file versioning as a totally free of charge option with their unlimited account, safeguarding valuable files and folders for seven days after they were last backed up, so if the worst should happen, they'll make sure you are not left short changed.
Along with Superb 24/7 365 Day a Year Customer Service, MyPCBackup's aim is always to provide the absolute best customer service team in the industry. They're available to assist customers with any advice and support that they need. Currently customer service is offered directly via email, on the other hand online knowledge base and training videos offer expert support online from users account.
MyPCBackup are safe as houses! They use industry standard 256-bit file encryption for transferring and storing your computer data. This is exactly double the amount of encryption used by banks for financial transactions. In addition they utilize full server mirroring - meaning servers are replicated to a completely separate data centre.
Overall MyPCBackup is an excellent online storage option, that you can really use to backup your files faster and much easier. The backup system is super easy to download and use, with countless additional options which most other companies don't even offer to users. Also an ANYTIME full money back guarantee should you not be happy with their service offering. My overall impression is that if you are planning to try one Online Storage company, then this ought to be your first choice right here.
Make Sure to Click this link[http://www.planbmediasolutions.com/tinyurl/mypcbackup MyPCBackup] for a 35% Discount and then look at the bottom of the page for the "Secret Link"

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