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XDSCC12 is a program for generating [[CC1/2|delta-CC<sub>1/2</sub>]] and delta-CC<sub>1/2-ano</sub> values for XDS_ASCII.HKL (written by [[XDS]]), or for XSCALE.HKL (written by [[XSCALE]]) containing data from several files of type XDS_ASCII.HKL after scaling in [[XSCALE]] (with MERGE=FALSE).
It implements the method described in Assmann, Brehm and Diederichs (2016) Identification of rogue datasets in serial crystallography. J. Appl. Cryst. 49, 1021 [], and it does this not only for the individual datasets in XSCALE.HKL, but also for individual frames, or groups of frames, of a single dataset collected with the rotation method and processed by [[XDS]].

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