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Statistics are given (in resolution shells) for the isomorphous and the anomalous signal.
Important: to more clearly identify outliers To find outlier data sets in [[XSCALE]]d data, you may want use try the -w option. This can be helpful since the ''a'' and ''b'' parameters of the error model are adjusted by XSCALE such that the sigmas are very high, which reduces may reduce the delta-CC<sub>1/2</sub> signal.
A complete description of how to process serial crystallography data with XDS/XSCALE is given in [[SSX]]. A program that implements the method of [ Brehm and Diederichs (2014)] and theory of [ Diederichs (2017)] is [[xscale_isocluster]].
To remove bad frames from a XDS_ASCII.HKL file, you can use the program [[exclude_data_range_from_XDS_ASCII.HKL]], or re-INTEGRATE with the keyword [ EXCLUDE_DATA_RANGE] in [[XDS.INP]].
== Correlation against a reference data set (-r <reference> option) ==

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