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The program output is terse but supposed to be self-explanatory. Part of it is most easily visualized via XDSGUI, however, that currently only deals with the The isomorphous signal delta-CC<sub>1/2</sub> of a batch of frames (width chosen with the -t option) relative to all datais most easily visualized via [[XDSGUI]] (Statistics tab); the anomalous delta-CC<sub>1/2</sub> may be plotted with e.g. gnuplot after grepping the relevant lines from the output.
For multiple datasets, the output lines show the contribution of each dataset toward the total CC<sub>1/2</sub>. Negative numbers indicate a worsening of the overall signal.
Statistics are given (in resolution shells) for the isomorphous and the anomalous signal.
Important: to identify outliers in [[XSCALE]]d data, you should use the -w option. Otherwise, a and b are adjusted such that the sigmas are very high, which reduces the signal in delta-CC1CC<sub>1/2</sub>.

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