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Known bugs, problems and workarounds
# both generate_XDS.INP and [[XDS]] do not seem to like spaces ("blanks") in file/directory names. While frame names rarely have a space in them, directories might, e.g. if an external disk has the label "John's USB disk" then this would be mounted on Linux as /media/John's USB disk/ and that would result in a error message from generate_XDS.INP and/or XDS. The '''workaround''' is to use a symlink on a different hard disk.
# ''Problem description: On the Mac, after loading frames, by clicking “generate XDS.INP”, the program gives some strange symbol “” in XDS.INP. And the more you click “save” button, the more “” appeared. This looks like <br>SPACE_GROUP_NUMBER=0  ! 0 if unknown <br>UNIT_CELL_CONSTANTS= 70 80 90 90 90 90  .''<br> The problem is due to the “Rich text” format in TextEdit when saving "generate_XDS.INP". It is solved by re-downloading the script, and changing format to Plain - everything is working now.
# if a frame compressed with bzip2 (and thus ending with .bz2) is loaded into the FRAME tab, the NEXT button changes the bz2 into bz3 (and similarly the PREVIOUS button ...) which of course does not work. Workaround: manually change the frame number part of the frame name.
# on a Mac, you may find a stream of the following error messages in the console window: <code>Jan 31 14:35:17 xdsgui[20939] <Error>: Error: this application, or a library it uses, has passed an invalid numeric value (NaN, or not-a-number) to CoreGraphics API and this value is being ignored. Please fix this problem. Jan 31 14:35:17 xdsgui[20939] <Error>: If you want to see the backtrace, please set CG_NUMERICS_SHOW_BACKTRACE environmental variable.</code> This sounds terrible, but is actually harmless. Since it is a message from Qt (which XDSGUI uses for graphics), ''it does not compromise the XDS data processing in any way''. Just suppress the printout of these messages, by <code>xdsgui 2>&1 | egrep -v 'CoreGraphics|CG_NUMERICS'</code>

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