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* The display of large frames in the FRAME tab may be slow over the network.
* Eiger data may be processed like this: a) run <code>generate_XDS.INP /path/to/XXX_master.h5</code> in an empty directory, to produce XDS.INP. b) start XDSGUI in the same directory (or navigate there, from its ''Projects'' tab) c) you will not be able to use the ''Frame'' tab for looking at the raw data, but you could use the tab to look at FRAME.cbf or other XDS-produced images. d) you should use/check/modify XDS.INP as usual; all the other tabs work normally.
* The green resolution INCLUDE_RESOLUTION and red semi-transparent EXCLUDE_RESOLUTION_RANGE circles in the Frame tab are circles even for detectors swung out in 2theta where they should rather be resemble ellipses.
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