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=== Dependencies ===
XDSGUI depends on [[generate_XDS.INP]], [[XDS-viewer]], and of course [[XDS]] (both the xds and xds_par binaries!), [[XDSCONV]], and [[2cbf]]. The <code>''statistics</code> '' tab requires [[XDSSTAT]] and [[XDSCC12]]. [[Eiger]] data processing requires <code>h5dump</code> and <code>H5ToXds</code> (or equivalent). One of the items in the <code>tools</code> tab calls a graphical file comparison program; if the default (xdiff) is not available, [ xxdiff] or [ tkdiff] or [ kdiff3] or [ meld] may be used - please adjust the commandline below the button accordingly. See also [[Installation]].
Technically, the word "dependency" means that these scripts/programs should be in your $PATH - an 'alias' is often not good enough because the ''TOOLS '' commands use <code>bash </code> as a shell, and that shell does not inherit the aliases from e.g. (t)csh.
=== Installation ===

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