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XDSSTAT: add a bit of XDSCC12 explanation
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=== XDSSTAT statistics ===
This tab allows to run [[XDSSTAT]] and [[XDSCC12]] with a mouseclick.  As soon as XDSSTAT.LP exists, the main plots derived from it are displayed(second and further panes). Another The "view" button allows to run [[XDS-viewer]] to visualize the control images that XDSSTAT generates, namely anom.pck, scales.pck, rf.pck, misfits.pck, corr.pck, rlps.pck, peaks.pck and nobs.pck . Likewise, as soon as the output file XDSCC12.LP exists, a plot derived from those lines starting with "a:" and "b:" will be generated. In black, this shows the overall contribution of a frame, or of several frames pooled, to the CC<sub>1/2</sub> value of those reflections that this frame (or these frames) contributes to. The rainbow-coloured curves divide the total resolution range into a user-selectable number (chosen with the -nbin option of XDSCC12) of resolution ranges; blue is low resolution and red is high resolution.Fine-sliced frames (0.1°) can be pooled into 1°-pseudoframes by using the -t option, to increase the number of reflections contributing to the plot and to make it less noisy.
=== XDSCONV ===

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