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Frame: link to Eiger
Untrusted areas can be specified by the user, using two (UNTRUSTED_ELLIPSE; UNTRUSTED_RECTANGLE) or four (UNTRUSTED QUADRILATERAL) right mouse clicks. The resulting areas are shown with red outline, and the keyword/parameter pairs are shown in the XDS.INP tab. Step-by-step:
* "Load" a raw frame or a CBF file (e.g. FRAME.cbf) to have it displayed. The pane can be "dragged" with the left mouse button; the mouse wheel zooms. The parameters in the XDS.INP tab are taken for resolution calculations (i.e. the frame header is not being interpreted in any way).
* if XDS.INP does not yet exist, click "generate XDS.INP" (this ''will'' read the header). Check the XDS.INP tab afterwards but then go back to the Frame tab. Note that the current generate_XDS.INP works well for Pilatus, ADSC, Mar and some Rigaku detectors; for other kinds of detectors the values marked XXX in XDS.INP have to be filled in manually. The [[Eiger]] detector is not yet implemented in the script, but this will eventually come.
* left-click on "Untrusted areas" -> a pulldown menu appears
* left-click on (say) "Untrusted Rectangle (2 clicks)"

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