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=== Installation ===
The current version of the program can be downloaded, by academic users, for Linux [ 64bit] (compiled on RHEL6), [ 32bit] (compiled on RHEL6), [ 64bit] (compiled on RHEL5, statically linked with Qt), [ 32bit] (compiled on RHEL5, statically linked with Qt), or [ Mac] (works on OSX 10.6 and up). Ubuntu and Debian users: there is a 64bit [ Ubuntu 12.04 binary].Industrial users of XDS: pls contact me directly.
In case of '''Linux''', after downloading the binary file, its name should be changed to "xdsgui" and then be made executable ("chmod a+x xdsgui"). The binary may then be copied into e.g. the directory /usr/local/bin by the administrator, or to the $HOME/bin directory by the user. Any other directory should be suitable as long as it is in your $PATH.

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