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== News ==
program update June 19, 2013: Fixes for TRUSTED_REGION on Pilatus, and for XDSCONV tab (thanks Folmer!).
program update July 5, 2013: INTEGRATE plot showing crystal rotation; several bugfixes. Commandline name is now xdsgui.
program update November 26, 2013: new XSCALE tab (rudimentary at present). PDF and PNG versions of all plots can be produced by right mouse click (PDF file lets you choose the output file name with a filesystem browser; PNG file is simply written as "output.png" to the current directory. The latter "feature" will be changed to also use a filesystem browser soon). Many bugfixes.
program update Jan 10, 2014: fix crashes on startup.
program update Jan 23, 2014: fix crashes (most notably coredump on Mac in CORRECT tab), and several other bugs.
program update Mar 19, 2014: fix bugs, and make somewhat faster over slow connection.
program update May 12, 2014: fix bugs; brightness, contrast and zoom remember their values between frames; ctrl-+ (Control and plus sign pressed together) and ctrl-- (Control and minus sign pressed together) change font size in the tabs; the direct beam position is now indicated with a "+" in the Frame tab, whereas ORGX ORGY are shown with a "X" (these are different if the detector is swung out or the beam is slightly non-perpendicular to the detector). Individual projects may be removed from the "Projects" tab with right mouse click / hide. update June 2, 2014: fix bugs

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