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Known bugs, problems and workarounds
If you find a bug, please send email to Kay dot Diederichs at uni-konstanz dot de , ideally with enough information/data to reproduce the bug.
== Limitations ==
* The program depends on [[generate_XDS.INP]] to interpret the header of the frames, so is currently limited to Dectris, ADSC, Rigaku and MAR (CCD and image plate) detectors. Other detectors need some values to be manually filled into XDS.INP - the relevant places are marked with XXX. These are detector properties (type, pixel size and number, min and max counts in a pixel), and experimental parameters like wavelength, distance, and direct beam position (or rather: point of detector that is closest to the crystal). For fine-tuning of detector parameters, see the [ detector-specific templates].
* The display of large frames in the FRAME tab may be slow over the network.
== News ==

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