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Technical aspects of XDSGUI usage
=== Technical aspects of XDSGUI usage ===
# * the simple editor operating in the XDS.INP, XDSCONV and XSCALE tabs understands ctrl-X (cut), ctrl-c (copy), ctrl-v (paste), ctrl-z (undo) and ctrl-Z (redo). # * ctrl-+ (control-plus) and ctrl-- (control-minus) enlarge or decrease the font size in versions of characters (available since April 22, 2014).# * flexibility of operation: all commands in the TOOLS tab may be modified by the user, simply by modifying the (bash) code in the text field below the button. The user-changed command is automatically automagically and permanently stored in ~/.xds-gui . The user may also change what is written on a button, by editing ~/.xds-gui .
== Tabs ==

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