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It graphically displays the ASCII and [ cbf] files that XDS writes, and can run useful shell commands with a simple mouse click. The design goal of the program is to enable XDS data processing without the commandline, and to supply additional graphical information, in a simple, user-modifiable and user-extensible way.
== How to use the GUI XDSGUI ==
The program may be used to analyze graphically any existing directory with files earlier written by XDS, or may be used to create these files. It should be started in a terminal window, which will later show the output of the programs that are run (XDS, pointless, XDSCONV, ...).
After finally moving to the [[XDSGUI#XDS.INP|XDS.INP]] tab, other parameters can be adjusted by the user, and finally XDS may be run by clicking a button. The resulting output files from XDS will then be displayed in the next tabs.
After finishing this first round of processing, the [[XDSGUI#TOOLS|TOOLS]] tab may be used, which - among other things - offers those three options that I found most useful to optimize the data processing. After choosing (by mouse click) one of these three options, the user should go back to the [[XDSGUI#XDS.INP|XDS.INP]] tab, specify JOBS=DEFPIX INTEGRATE CORRECT, and run XDS again. Ideally, each of the three options should be tried separately, and its effect should be compared with the previous processing to verify that it ''really'' improved the processed data - use . A significant increase in [[ISa]] to decide whether (> 1%) indicates that the processing has improved! ; a slight decrease in ISa (<1%) often is accompanied by an increase of CC1/2 at high resolution, and thus should be tolerated. Those options that improve ISa can then be used in combination.
After CORRECT, the data may be analyzed using the [[XDSGUI#XDSSTAT|XDSSTAT]] tab, and the resulting XDS_ASCII.HKL may be converted to e.g. MTZ, using the [[XDSGUI#XDSCONV|XDSCONV]] tab.
=== How to use the editor Technical aspects of XDSGUI usage ===
The # the simple editor operating in the XDS.INP, XDSCONV and XSCALE tabs understands ctrl-X (cut), ctrl-c (copy), ctrl-v (paste), ctrl-z (undo) and ctrl-Z (redo). # ctrl-+ (control-plus) and ctrl-- (control-minus) enlarge or decrease the font size in versions since April 22, 2014.# flexibility of operation: all commands in the TOOLS tab may be modified by the user, simply by modifying the (bash) code in the text field below the button. The user-changed is automatically and permanently stored in ~/.xds-gui .
== Tabs ==

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