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# uses the cell thus obtained to evaluate possible alternative origins of reciprocal space close to the one that is calculated from ORGX ORGY
# evaluates all possible Bravais lattices corresponding to the primitive unit cell (and gives the unit cell parameters and [[reindexing]] transformation for that lattice)
# based on the values of UNIT_CELL_PARAMETERS, SPACE_GROUP_NUMBER, and REIDX REFINE(IDXREF) refines the geometry describing the diffraction experiment and writes the result to XPARM.XDS
As an alternative to UNIT_CELL_PARAMETERS, one may specify UNIT_CELL_A-AXIS, UNIT_CELL_B-AXIS, UNIT_CELL_C-AXIS (with parameters from a previous XDS job). This serves to to maintain a consistent indexing scheme between several data sets taken from the same crystal in the same orientation.
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