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== What is XDS, and how to obtain it? ==
XDS is a program package written for the "reduction" of 2-dimensional data images ("frames") obtained from crystals irradiated with monochromatic X-rays. The package mainly consists of the programs XDS (which processes a single dataset), [[XSCALE]] (for scaling of several datasets) , [[XDSCONV]] (for conversion of output file to other formats) and [[VIEW]] (for visualizing).
The author of the program is Wolfgang Kabsch (Wolfgang dot Kabsch at mpimf-heidelberg dot mpg dot de).
The program is free for academic use, and can be downloaded from .
Documentation is at .
== Links to XDS papers by Wolfgang Kabsch ==
[ ''J. Appl. Cryst.'' (1988). 21, 67-72. Automatic indexing of rotation diffraction patterns. ]
[ ''J. Appl. Cryst.'' (1988). 21, 916-924. Evaluation of single-crystal X-ray diffraction data from a position-sensitive detector]
[ ''J. Appl. Cryst.'' (1993). 26, 795-800. Automatic processing of rotation diffraction data from crystals of initially unknown symmetry and cell constants]
[ Chapters 11.3 and 25.2.9 in ''International Tables for Crystallography Volume F: Crystallography of Biological Macromolecules''] (don't know the link to PDFs of these)
== Purpose of the Wiki ==
The purpose of this Wiki is to provide an accurate resource for XDS users, and to provide explanations and hints for the successful use of XDS. I (Kay Diederichs) try to keep the Wiki up-to-date with XDS versions and insights. I collect [[Tips and Tricks]] for XDS usage, explanations of its output, and recommendations for the parameters in [[XDS.INP]] (if it appears useful to deviate from their defaults).
To see what's there already, go to [[Special:Allpages|List of all pages]]. A good starting point is the article about [[XDS.INP]] where the keywords and parameters for running XDS are described. There is also a [[wishlist]], and [[Known Bugs]], and [[Quality Control]] (under construction).
== Contributing to the Wiki ==
* The MediaWiki software used here works in the same way as the well-known Wikipedia. This means that anyone with a [[Creating an account|userid and password]] can edit existing pages, and create new ones.
* Short introduction to [[creating an article]]
== Wiki contents == * [[Special:Allpages|List of all pages]] - to see which articles pages exist already ...
* [[Topics]] has links as an attempt to existing provide a hierarchy of pages

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