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If a data set can be processed with DIALS and should be processed with XDS, but no XDS.INP is available (e.g. because generate_XDS.INP does not know the detector):

Exporting XDS.INP and XPARM.XDS from DIALS:

dials.export strong.pickle format=xds              # SPOT.XDS
dials.export indexed.pickle format=xds             # XPARM.XDS and SPOT.XDS
dials.export models.expt format=xds                # XDS.INP, XPARM.XDS
dials.export models.expt indexed.pickle format=xds # XDS.INP, XPARM.XDS and SPOT.XDS

Conversely, DIALS can import XDS.INP if that is available.