Crystallography courses on the web

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  1. X-ray Crystallography in 5401 seconds (Manfred S. Weiss): (A very short and simple introduction)
  2. The book of Fourier (Kevin Cowtan): (Nice explanation of what is important in a Fourier calculation)
  3. The physical meaning of the phase in crystallography (Stanley C. Nyburg): (A Classic in Crystallographic Teaching)
  4. Crystallography 101 (Bernhard Rupp): (Very good and nice introduction, some interactive parts)
  5. Crystallographic Tutorials (Michael R. Sawaya): (good for beginners, somewhat outdated when it comes to programs)
  6. Basic Maths for Protein Crystallographers (Eleanor Dodson): (If you want to work in protein crystallography, here are the math essentials)
  7. The Molecular Level - Tools for Structural Biology Education and Training (Gale Rhodes): (from the author of "Crystallography Made Crystal Clear" - website includes a Glossary of Terms from Crystallography, NMR, and Homology Modeling)
  8. Macromolecular Crystallography course at Cambridge Institute of Medical Research - 6 basic lectures (available as HTML) and 17 advanced topics (10 of which are available as HTML)


  1. Crystallographic movies (James Holton): (Very illustrative movies on the effects of resolution, R-factor data completeness etc. on the information content of the structure).
  3. 17 minutes about structural biology
  4. MIT OpenCourseWare
  5. The instructor is Prof. Bernhardt Wuensch (materials science).


  1. what do the features in electron density maps mean? see Dale Tronrud's explanations at [1]