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<td>4.2.2 </td>
<td>4.2.2 </td>
<td>Remote capabilities </td>
<td>Remote capabilities </td>
<td>ALS puck ? </td>
<td>ACTOR magazines ? </td>
<td> ? </td>
<td> ? </td>
<td>http://bcsb.lbl.gov/beamlines.htm </td>
<td>http://bcsb.lbl.gov/beamlines.htm </td>
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<td>all PX beamlines </td>
<td>all PX beamlines </td>
<td>remote </td>
<td>remote </td>
<td> SSRL cassette </td>
<td> SSRL cassette and Uni-puck </td>
<td> ? </td>
<td> 4 MAD, 2 Se-SAD </td>
<td>http://smb.slac.stanford.edu/ </td>
<td>http://smb.slac.stanford.edu/ -- user guide[http://smb.slac.stanford.edu/public/users_guide/manual/Using_SSRL_Automated_Mounti.html automounter] and [http://smb.slac.stanford.edu/public/users_guide/manual/ contents] -- </td>
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'''''Please copy and paste the empty row for the next person to fill in'''''
'''''Please copy and paste the empty row for the next person to fill in'''''
See also the [http://smb.slac.stanford.edu/facilities/hardware/SAM/robosync/ robosync page] on automounters at synchrotrons.

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For a list of synchrotrons please see Synchrotron beamlines

The following beamlines offer mail-in service or remote access: (compiled from the CCP4 BB July 2008)

1. The ALS BCSB beamlines http://bcsb.lbl.gov/beamlines.htm have a mail-in type program name collaborative crystallography on beamlines 5.0.2 (MAD) and 5.0.1 (Se-SAD/ Fixed Wavelength). Remote access is currently available on the sector 5 stations (5.0.1 5.0.2 and 5.0.3) for PRT members only. ALS 4.2.2 beamline has remote capability

2. Beamline 3BM1 at the Australian Synchrotron http://www.synchrotron.org.au has full remote access available for users. We use the same Blu-Ice gui as SSRL and use the SAM robot. When 3ID is available for general user program (2009) it will also have full remote access capabilities.

3. BNL / NSLS Mail-in program http://www.px.nsls.bnl.gov/, where three scientists spend about one full-time equivalent of effort, employing about one full-time beamline among the six PXRR beamlines. Access to Beam Time http://www.px.nsls.bnl.gov/beamtime_requests.html Mail-in Program http://www.px.nsls.bnl.gov/Mailin.html

4. The canadian light source http://www.lightsource.ca/ has at least mail in protein crystallography.

5. MacCHESS http://www.macchess.cornell.edu/ does "mail-in" collection on all PX beamlines.

6. All the ESRF MX/PX beamlines (ID14-1, ID14-2, ID14-4, ID23-1, ID29), and the CRG beam-line BM14, have remote access. http://www.esrf.eu/UsersAndScience/Experiments/MX/How_to_use_our_beamlines/remote-access For industrial users there is also the MXpress mail in service: http://www.esrf.eu/Industry/our_services/xpress-service/xpress-service

7. SEC-CAT 22-ID and 22-BM at APS http://www.ser-cat.org/ will do both mail-in and remote

8. SPring8 in Japan http://www.spring8.or.jp/en/about_us/organization/research_utilization/biology has a mail-in system.

9. SSRL http://smb.slac.stanford.edu/ all PX beamlines have remote capability. About 75% of the users use fully remote data collection routinely

10. CAMD's PX beamline http://www.camd.lsu.edu/gcpcc/GCPCChome.htm has a mail-in program for both consortium members and outside users.

11. BESSY BL14.1 and BL14.2 http://www.mx.bessy.de, The BESSY-MX group is offering the "mail-in" service for industrial collaborators.

12. SLS (http://sls.web.psi.ch/): For industrial users there is a Mail-In Service available since more than 3 years. For technical questions please contact Joachim Diez (Joachim.Diez@psi.ch) or Clemens Schulze-Briese (clemens.schulze@psi.ch), for questions about contracts please contact Philipp Dietrich (philipp.dietrich@psi.ch). Remote operation is in preparation for all beamlines.

A useful link from PDB containing synchrotron info: http://biosync.rcsb.org/

Synchrotron Beamline Mail-in/ Remote type of puck Fixed Wavelength/ Se-SAD/ MAD URL
ALS 4.2.2 Remote capabilities ACTOR magazines ?  ? http://bcsb.lbl.gov/beamlines.htm
ALS 5.0.1 Mail & Remote (PRT members) ALS puck Fixed Wavelength/ Se-SAD/ http://bcsb.lbl.gov/beamlines.htm
ALS 5.0.2 Mail & Remote (PRT members) ALS puck MAD http://bcsb.lbl.gov/beamlines.htm
ALS 5.0.3 Mail & Remote (PRT members) ALS puck  ? http://bcsb.lbl.gov/beamlines.htm
Australian Synchrotron 3BM1 remote SSRL cassettes ? MAD ? http://www.synchrotron.org.au/
Australian Synchrotron 3ID (2009) remote SSRL cassettes ? MAD ? http://www.synchrotron.org.au/
BNL/NSLS six PXRR beamlines Mail-in  ?  ? http://www.px.nsls.bnl.gov/ http://www.px.nsls.bnl.gov/Mailin.html
CLS  ? Mail-in ? ? http://www.lightsource.ca/
MacCHESS all PX beamlines Mail-in ALS type puck ? ? http://www.macchess.cornell.edu/
ESRF ID14-1 Remote  ?  ? http://www.esrf.eu/UsersAndScience/Experiments/MX/How_to_use_our_beamlines/remote-access
ESRF ID14-2 Remote  ?  ? http://www.esrf.eu/UsersAndScience/Experiments/MX/How_to_use_our_beamlines/remote-access
ESRF ID14-4 Remote  ?  ? http://www.esrf.eu/UsersAndScience/Experiments/MX/How_to_use_our_beamlines/remote-access
ESRF ID23-1 Remote  ?  ? http://www.esrf.eu/UsersAndScience/Experiments/MX/How_to_use_our_beamlines/remote-access
ESRF ID29 Remote  ?  ? http://www.esrf.eu/UsersAndScience/Experiments/MX/How_to_use_our_beamlines/remote-access
ESRF BM14 Remote  ?  ? http://www.esrf.eu/UsersAndScience/Experiments/MX/How_to_use_our_beamlines/remote-access
ESRF MXpress Mail-in  ?  ? http://www.esrf.eu/Industry/our_services/xpress-service/xpress-service
APS SEC-CAT 22-ID Mail-in & Remote ? ? http://www.ser-cat.org/
APS SEC-CAT 22-BM Mail-in & Remote ? ? http://www.ser-cat.org/
Spring8 ? Mail-in  ?  ? http://www.spring8.or.jp/en/about_us/organization/research_utilization/biology
SSRL all PX beamlines remote SSRL cassette and Uni-puck 4 MAD, 2 Se-SAD http://smb.slac.stanford.edu/ -- user guideautomounter and contents --
CAMD PX beamline Mail-in  ?  ? http://www.camd.lsu.edu/gcpcc/GCPCChome.htm
BESSY BL14.1 Mail-in (industrial)  ?  ? http://www.mx.bessy.de/
BESSY BL14.2 Mail-in (industrial)  ?  ? http://www.mx.bessy.de/
SLS  ? Mail-in (industrial)  ?  ? http://sls.web.psi.ch/
APS IMCA-CAT 17-ID Mail-in; Remote (industrial) ACTOR magazines MAD http://www.imca.aps.anl.gov/
APS IMCA-CAT 17-BM Mail-in; Remote (industrial) ACTOR magazines MAD http://www.imca.aps.anl.gov/

Please copy and paste the empty row for the next person to fill in

See also the robosync page on automounters at synchrotrons.