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This [ CCP4] user community wiki ("CCP4 wiki" in short) is meant to be a collection of crystallographic knowledge as discussed on the [ CCP4 mailing list] (CCP4BB), and elsewhere. It may contain information about anything relevant to protein crystallographers, whether methods-related ("what is the best program for purpose X?"), problem-oriented ("my crystals melt if I look at them"), or concerning hardware ("what is your opinion on robot X / computer Y?").
The general [[Topics]] topics (side bar) include articles about [[Expression_and_Purification| protein expression and purification]],[[Crystals| crystal growth, handing handling and data collection]],[[Crystallography| crystallographic theory and practice]],and crystal structure related [[Bioinformatics|bioinformatics]] and [[Xtal_computing|computer hardware -related issues]]. There are also announcements for [[Positions|open positions]], [[Courses and Conferences|courses and conferences]] and a [[FAQ|FAQ]].
Many interesting questions are currently being answered on CCP4BB, but the answers are not easily accessible for others after some time. The intention is that the wiki reflect the breadth of topics on CCP4BB, which will make it a useful resource e.g. for "frequently asked questions", offloading some of the question/answer traffic on CCP4BB to a more permanent mode of storage. Many interesting questions are currently being answered on CCP4BB, but the answers are not easily accessible for others after some time. A wiki has the additional advantage that mathematical formulas and images may be presented nicely.
== News ==
 2015: For some time, account creation has been enabled again. Nov 30, 2011: Due to the amount of spam created, we had to stop self-service account creation - send us a personal email (karsten. schaefer at, or kay.diederichs at and we'll open account creation for you. April 04, 2008: (technical) transparent inter-wiki linking eis now very easy due to an extension called "[http://www.gmediawiki. org/wiki/Extension:Special_page_to_work_with_the_interwiki_table SpecialInterwiki]". These links appear like internal links (see the next sentences!), and can point to subsections of an article, or to figures (untested!). This also means that if a wiki changes its DNS name, only a single inter-wiki link has to be updated. Currently, the [[ccp4dev:Main_Page|CCP4 developers' wiki]] and to , the [[xds:Main_Page|XDSwiki]] is now very easy due to an extension called "SpecialInterwiki"and (as of May 02, 2008) the [[iucr:Main_Page|IUCr Online Dictionary of Crystallography]] are in the [[Special:Interwiki|Inter-Wiki table]].
Old news may be found [[Old_news|here]].
[[CCP4]] is a crystallographic program system, and can be downloaded from [].
It is free for academic use; the license is at [].
Documentation is in the [[ccp4dev:Main_Page|CCP4 developers' wiki]] and at [], and a mailing list (CCP4BB) is at [] that can also be viewed [ here] or [ here].
== How to use this wiki ==
* you may read the existing articles with a web browser (does not require an account).
* you are invited to contribute to CCP4 wiki, by creating new articles, and by adding information to, or correcting existing articles. To Before you do thisfor the first time, please you need to [[create an account]]. To prevent spam accounts, you'll have to pass a simple "exam".
A number of experienced crystallographers, who are also contributors to CCP4BB, have agreed to take a role as editors. This wiki is under the same [[Copyright]] (termed "GNU Free Documentation License") as [ Wikipedia], so any information in it may be transferred to other wikis subject to the [[Copyright]].
== Getting started ==

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