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The general [[Topics]] include articles about [[Topics#Expression_and_Purification| protein expression and purification]],
[[Topics#Crystals| crystal growth, handing and data collection]],[[Topics#Crystallography| crystallographic theory and practice]],
and crystal structure related [[Topics#Bioinformatics|bioinformatics]] and [[Topics|computer hardware issues]]. Besides these, there There are articles also announcements for "[[Positions|open Positionspositions]]" and announcements of "[[Courses and Conferences]]"
The intention is that the wiki reflect the breadth of topics on CCP4BB, which will make it a useful resource e.g. for "frequently asked questions", offloading some of the question/answer traffic on CCP4BB to a more permanent mode of storage. Many interesting questions are currently being answered on CCP4BB, but the answers are not easily accessible for others after some time. A wiki has the additional advantage that mathematical formulas and images may be presented nicely.

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