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Hardware Stereo
set_hardware_stereo_angle_factor(0.5) # for the Python fans
Hardware stereo failure: trythe line (set-display-lists-for-maps 0) ;; or maybe 1 in ~/.coot for coot 0.9 - see;49fa8d15.2006
==== Zalman Stereo ====
Q: Is it possible to deactivate the nomenclature errors check? Sometimes this check is not very useful and it becomes rather annoying when one has several molecules loaded only wants to look at the structures...
A: The [ Coot manual] should help: Add to your ~/.coot or whatever:
(set-nomenclature-errors-on-read "ignore")
In case you are using the python file, e.g. “”, I think you have to change this to “set_nomenclature_errors_on_read ignore”.
==NCS edits==

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