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Coot is a graphics program for building, refining and analysing macromolecular models obtained with crystallographic procedures.
A: there are 2 loop fitting tools in Coot
# C alpha -> Mainchain [],[]# DB Loop: (No good documentation) [] Extensions -> Modelling -> DB Loop...
==LSQ superpositions==
Untried: if you have Phenix installed: it comes with phenix.probe and phenix.reduce - you could insert the paths to these binaries into the above definitions.
== some symmetry mates not shown ==
Q: This structure has been solved and refined using phenix in the hexagonal setting of space group R 3. There is one copy per asymmetric unit in R 3. As you can see from the attached image, coot is rendering some but not all of the symmetry mates.
A: Turn up the radius a bit and use (set-symmetry-shift-search-size 3) . I would have thought that 2 is big enough, but maybe not in this case.

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