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make RSR in coot 0.8.1 behave like in earlier versions: Molprobity not active in COOT
A: It used to be 0.167, I think.
== Molprobity not active in COOT ==
Q: I am using COOT 0.8.1 EL that comes with the CCP4 6.5.010 on my Mac OS X 10.10.2. I wanted to run molprobity but the Validate > Probe clashes button in my pull down menu is not active. Is this function available in this COOT version?
A: Reduce and probe are separate programs available from the Richardson’s lab at Duke Download and install on your box. Then coot needs to be told in some instances where it can find these executables. I have the following lines in my ~/.coot file in Linux.
;; .coot
;; This file is required. As of coot 0.8pre no other mechanism for
;; enabling probe in coot works
;; This is full pathname of molprobity's probe program
(define *probe-command* "/apps/xray/bin/probe")
;; This is full pathname of molprobity's reduce program
(define *reduce-command* "/apps/xray/bin/reduce")
Untried: if you have Phenix installed: it comes with phenix.probe and phenix.reduce - you could insert the paths to these binaries into the above definitions.

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