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Example 2: More key bindings (inspired by the Coot BB)
To (re-)colour coordinate molecules yellow:
# yellowify last coordinate molecule # Note: this may overwrite the 'usual' short-cut of 'y' to add a terminal residue def yellow_coords_func1(): ls = model_molecule_list() if len(ls) > 0: set_molecule_bonds_colour_map_rotation(ls[-1[], 20) graphics_draw() add_key_binding("Yellowify last coordinates", "y", yellow_coords_func1)  # yellowify all coordinate molecules add_key_binding("Yellowify all coordinates", "Y", lambda: ([set_molecule_bonds_colour_map_rotation(imol, 20) for imol in model_molecule_list()], graphics_draw()))
==Python to Scheme and return==

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