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Peak heights in maps
(apply density-at-point (imol-refinement-map) (rotation-centre))
There is no user access to the peak integration code of coot as yet.
==Disulfide bond across crystallographic axis==
Q: I have a pair of disulfide bonds which link two monomers in separate asymmetric units. There is a single monomer in the asymmetric unit, and two monomers come together to form disulfides between Cys 26-Cys45, and Cys45-Cys26. When I real-space-refine these residues, they do not form a nice disulfide, and Coot does not seem to recognize them as a disulfide.
A: For the record, you can't refine symmetry-related disulfides in Coot (as of Nov 3, 2009).

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