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Zalman Stereo
Similarly, hardware stereo can be invoked (assuming you have the CRT, correct graphics card, emitter, etc) using the same menu item, by selecting "Hardware Stereo".
[[Image:a_zalman_zm_m220w__2d_35_pic.jpg|250px|thumb|right|3d lcd]]
==== Zalman Stereo ====
The attributes for this monitor have been tested and [ described rather extensively by Warren DeLano] on the PyMOL site. Please read it for important details and suggested purchasing sources.
[[Image:a_zalman_zm_m220w__2d_35_pic.jpg|250px|thumb|right|3d lcd]]
The [[coot zalman]] page describes specifically how to get this to work with coot on Mac OS X, but the instructions should be generalizable to linux and Windoze.

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