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Assorted questions and answers (from the mailinglist)
So you have a variety of places. Personally I mostly use ~/.coot.
Q: How do I use "torsion general"?
A: Thanks for pointing out the lack of documentation on this. I'll make a note to
add some.
You need to click on the torsion-general icon, then click 4 atoms that describe
the torsion - the first atom will be the base (non moving) part of the atom
tree, on clicking the 4th atom a dialog will pop up with a "Reverse" button [1].
Move this dialog out of the way and then left mouse click and drag in the main
window will rotate the moving/"top" part of the residue round the clicked atoms
2 and 3. When you are happy, click "Accept".
Window focus may be an issue - depending on your setting, the window manager may
eat one of your clicks as you change focus between the dialog and the main
graphics window (this I find annoying and there are instructions in the FAQ on
how to turn that off for various systems).
[1] which may not work in 0.6-pre (grumble/sigh/sorry). If it doesn't not work,
the "Reverse" button should invert the moving and "base" part of the residue.
It should be noted that the answers ("A") are from Paul Emsley himself (and were maybe slightly edited).

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