Examples of electron density

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Figures from Bernhard Rupp's book "Biomolecular Crystallography" (with permission by the author)[edit]

There is more material (all figures, citations, tutorials) at the book's overview page.

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Cis-peptide bond and its electron density[edit]

BMC 2-9.jpg

Covalently modified residues[edit]

BMC 2-27.JPG

Covalent binding of ligands[edit]

BMC 2-30.jpg

Additives mediating intermolecular contacts[edit]

BMC 3-16.jpg

Heavy-atom derivatization of a protein[edit]

BMC 3-42.jpg

The trimeric bacterial outer membrane protein OprP[edit]

BMC 4-18.jpg

Chemically modified lysine residue (Dimethyllysine)[edit]

BMC 4-19.jpg

Glycosylated residues stabilizing homodimer[edit]

BMC 4-20.jpg

Uranium-atom solution and Fourier truncation ripples[edit]

BMC 10-10.jpg

Solvent molecules (water, MPD, Mg2+)[edit]

BMC 12-30.JPG

(Pete Dunten had noticed that PDB code 2nls should be 1nls; this is now in the book's errata; the above legend has the correction.)

Split side-chain conformations[edit]

BMC 12-33.JPG

Se-Met residues and chloride ion[edit]

BMC 12-42.JPG