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This course will focus both on HTP crystallization, but the last day has a twist towards introducing [http://www.oppf.ox.ac.uk/xtalpims/ xtalPiMS], a spin-off of [http://www/pims-lims.org PiMS], and what we hope will become the new standard in information management of crystallization experiments.
There are no registration costs, but participants are expected to pay their travel and accommodation. We have four student support fellowships available, at a fixed amount of 500 Euro each for participants that present a convincing case of needing the money to attend.
Further information:
[http://xtal.nki.nl/xtal2008.pdf PDF poster]
[http://xtal.nki.nl/CrysProgram.pdf  Program]
This course is sponsored by [http://www.bioxhit.org BIOXHIT].

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