Course or Conference 4

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The goal of the course is to present methods of macromolecular crystallization and give hands-on experience with them. Participants may bring their own proteins. The course is divided into 50% lectures and 50% laboratory sessions. Limit: 20 participants.

  • Topics to be covered by lectures and laboratory sessions include:
  • Conventional techniques and their modifications.
  • High-throughput crystallization screening.
  • The path to crystals. The phase diagram and the kinetics of equilibration.
  • Optimization: Exploiting protein formulation, cocktail formulation, and time to equilibration.
  • Using a microfluidic device to determine protein precipitation boundaries.
  • A pro-active strategy for crystallization.
  • Oils as tools for crystallization.
  • How to choose your method of crystallization.
  • Seeding as an optimization tool.
  • Interpretation of the crystallization drop phenomenon: recognizing what you see.
  • Does it matter what screen that you use?
  • Biophysical tools for crystallization: mass spectroscopy, dynamic light scattering, Thermofluor.
  • Crystal clear communication: the role of LIMS in a crystallization laboratory.
  • Cryoprotection.

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