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CCP4mg is the quick and easy way to create beautiful publication quality images and movies. It is also the easy way to superpose and analyse structures (Ref: from the website).

Installation help for CCP4mg[edit]

Download the file ccp4mg-1.107.3-Linux-Fedora-6-i386.tar.gz


Now "cd" to the installation directory of CCP4i and extract it there. TODO: Does it work if I install it anywhere else ?

cd /software/linuxsoft/ccp4-6.1.1
tar zxvf ccp4mg-1.107.3-Linux-Fedora-6-i386.tar.gz

Now, Add the binary ccp4mg to your $PATH and then open a new terminal or source your shell

setenv PATH /software/linuxsoft/ccp4-6.1.1/ccp4mg-1.107.3/bin:${PATH}
source .cshrc

Launch ccp4mg with

ccp4mg &


  • I get the error
    Segmentation fault

Edit the file


and replace

     stereoAvailable = opengl.CheckIfStereoAvailable()

with the following. Remember to keep the indent (i.e) left tab/spacing (I hate python)

     stereoAvailable = 0
  • This version of ccp4mg cannot be launched from ccp4i GUI.